The Cacao in our chocolate is hand-picked from farms in the Godavari Region of Southern India, where we work closely with our farmers on planting and sustainable harvesting. At our estate, each Cacao pod is sorted, fermented, dried and stone-ground using traditional processes. The single-origin Cacao creates an expression of flavour that is worth writing stories about.

Our Story

Every bar of chocolate resonates true craftsmanship, natural ingredients and sustainable methods of its making. The entire process of growing sustainably to acquire the best cacao beans while working together with neighbouring farmers to harvest the tastiest chocolate on Indian soil.

We aspire to make chocolate worth the global appreciation holding ourselves to the highest of standards. To achieve what motivated the idea of building this sustainable business, we began with aspiring to make the best chocolate made with natural ingredients only. Followed with years of exploratnd experimentation in developing flavours, we promise to bring to you just the best.

About Us

Bon fiction was founded by a certified chocolate-taster couple with an aspiration to show the world that chocolate made with Indian cacao bean is worthy of being among the world. Blending art and science to create the smoothest and fine as silk chocolate with natural ingredients only.

Based out of Rajamahendravaram in Andhra Pradesh, we grow cacao and also work with other farmers in the Godavari region. The fermentation and drying of the cacao are done meticulously at our estate, to get the finest cacao beans. Our chocolate production unit is located in Rajamahendravaram, Andhra Pradesh.