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Indulgence gift pack

Indulgence gift pack

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Four Bon fiction bars enclosed in a premium gift pack with matt surface finish and reflective Bon Fiction artwork. A gift pack that exudes true class. This gift pack includes:

1) The Hazelnut Hour (45% Milk Hazelnut Chocolate)Never goes out of the favourites-list of the many. Keeping up the legacy of hazelnut in the world of chocolate-making and also your wish-list of tasting hazelnut in desired flavours of chocolate, the 45% Milk Hazelnut Chocolate is crafted with the goodness and deep flavour of Hazelnuts.

  • Ingredients - Cacao Beans, Cacao butter, Skimmed milk, Organic cane sugar, Hazelnuts Sunflower lecithin.

2) The Roasted Almond Revival (55% Milk Roasted Almonds Chocolate)A special shout-out to those who like their almonds. Collaborating with the rich flavours of roasted almonds is our 55% Milk Chocolate. The chocolate is topped with roasted almonds, arabian sea salt and a sprinkle of watermelon seeds. This is a bar you’ll not put down till its over.

  • Ingredients - Cacao Beans, Cacao butter, Skimmed milk, Organic cane sugar, Roasted almonds, Watermelon seeds, Sea salt, Sunflower lecithin.

3) When Coffee met Cacao (55% Milk Coffee Chocolate) - Your daily cravings for chocolate meets your daily dose of coffee with Bon-Fiction’s 55% Milk Coffee Chocolate. This exquisite flavoured chocolate gets even more interesting with its mix of arabica coffee and chicory. The arabica coffee paired with chicory brings a unique coffee essence with the rich flair of cocoa flavour.

  • Ingredients - Cacao Beans, Cacao butter, Skimmed milk, Organic cane sugar, Arabica Coffee, Chicory,  Sunflower lecithin.

4) The Secret Life of Nuts and Raisins (45% Milk Fruit & Nut Chocolate)Crush those raisins and nuts while you savour the silky chocolatey bursts in your mouth. This 45% Milk Fruit & Nut chocolate is crafted to fit the palettes of those who desire the classic combination of nuts and raisins. The chocolate is topped with the heavenly mix of raisins, roasted almonds and cashews.

  • Ingredients - Cacao Beans, Cacao butter, Skimmed milk, Organic cane sugar, Cashews, Raisins, Almonds, Sunflower lecithin.
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All Natural Ingredients

· Fine flavour cocoa beans only.

· Only Organic cane sugar is used.

· Pure cocoa butter; Made from our own cacao beans is used.

· Non-GMO sunflower lecithin.

· No added vanilla or chocolate flavours. No artificial flavouring is added.

· Our chocolates are made with real fruits, nuts, spices & real flower petals